Philosophy of the School

School Thrust: “Paghubog na may pagkiling sa mahirap at pag-alaga sa kalikasan.”

Stella Maris College adheres to the Church philosophy of education expressed in the Declaration of Christian Education of Vatican II:

“… A true education aims at the formation of the human person in pursuit of his ultimate end, the good of the society of which s/he is a member and in whose obligation, as an adult s/he will share…”

The school also bears in mind the Acts of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines regarding the role of the catholic educational institutions:

"...Catholic institutions of learning should not only prepare for Christian community living but should already provide an experience of Christian community. The Catholic school is not only a place, but a Catholic environment where members of the administration, the faculty, the staff, and the students help each other (and the parents as well) develop into Filipinos who are maka-Diyos, maka-Tao, maka-bayan at maka-kalikasan and not maka-sarili (God centered). Aim at producing citizens and leaders who will imbue the world with Christian values. Their products should not only be better technicians, professionals and money-earners, but also better persons who live not for themselves but, like Christ, for others."

The school further considers that in Human Resources Management, PEOPLE are considered investment, assets, and a real resource. In accordance with this philosophy, the personal, professional and career development of the faculty and staff is the schools prime concern. Proper screening and evaluation, the growth and development, just compensation of its personnel are given much importance by the school administrator.

May Stella Maris College provide an environment which is conducive to the development and formation of persons and which encourages its faculty and staff to realize their full capabilities towards its VISION.