Programs Offered


(Grades 1 - 6)

Junior High School
(Grades 7 - 10)

Senior High School
(Grades 11 - 12)

Instructional Program

Grades 5 – 6, Junior and Senior High school are implementing the CVIF-Dynamic Learning Program developed by Ramon Magsaysay Awardees, Dr. Christopher Bernido and Dr. Marivic Carpio – Bernido.

  1. Parallel Learning Groups (Modified Jigsaw Strategy)
  2. Activity-based Multi-domain Learning
  3. In-school Comprehensive Student Portfolio (instead of notebooks)
  4. Teachers Comprehensive Portfolio (instead of Lesson Plans)
  5. Strategic Study / Rest Periods
  6. Integrated Cultural Formation and Spiritual Development in all Learning areas

Stella Maris College focuses on Spirituality as core of the curriculum (SCC), thus CVIF-DLP-SCC. It is an alternative transformative education, which aims to develop the student’s fullest potential, a solid foundation of living a life of integrity and connectedness with God and the earth community.