Stella Maris College has formulated its Five-Year Strategic Plan for School Years 2010-2015. The following are its key strategic areas and goals:

A. Campus Development

  • SMC has an integrated campus development plan in the areas of Technology, physical plant and instructional equipment.
  • SMC is a clean and green environment, safe enough for students to have a satisfying campus life where they can do an educational and recreational activites.

B. Employee Development

  • SMC is a home of committed and competent teaching and non-teaching personnel.
  • SMC employees are happy and motivated.

C. Organizational Effectiveness & Financial Sustainability

  • SMC has clean and consistent academic and administrative policies, procedures, and programs.
  • SMC consultative mechanism for decision making, conflict resolution and problem solving processes.
  • SMC has a culture of performance.
  • SMC is well managed financially.

D. Student Well-Being

  • Academic and Non-academic programs are student-centered with focus on the holistic development of students well-being.
  • SMC has a nurturing and challenging environment that would develop the inner gifts of young people, their spiritual life, so that they are ready to respond to the new calling of the Spirit to respond to the needs of the present time.

E. Academic and Institutional Program Excellence

  • SMC adheres to excellence with the unique virtue to truth through charity.
  • SMC has competitive academic and student programs.
  • SMC is a home conducive for the development and formation of persons and which encourages to realize their full capabilities towards the schools vision.
  • SMC has visible and consistent commitment to continuous total quality management improvement.

F. Niche Building

  • SMC creates a unique niche in transformative education.
  • SMC identity is recognized by the public and the internal community.
  • SMC is an advocate of a mutually enhancing relationship with all of creation with emphasis on alternative ways of living.
  • SMC is shaping a culture of cooperation that draws out the best in each one for the common good.
  • SMC is home for OFW children and young entrepreneur.

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